Special Properties and Features

Liquid Weather comes in one shade only. Dilute with up to 50% water to lighten, apply more coats to darken. It is safe to use both indoors and out, is immediately effective and will dry in 5-15 minutes depending on the ambient temperature.

It benefits from a unique colour indicator – a faint bluish shade that fades as the product dries and ‘locks’ into the surface.

The finished effect is always natural and surfaces are left unsealed so that the treated area will age and weather at the same rate as surrounding areas. If desired such areas can be sealed either before or after Liquid Weather.

Being water-based, non-inflammable, and with no dangerous chemicals, Liquid Weather is environmentally friendly and can be used with peace of mind.

It is economical too, given its penetrating consistency and permanent effect. One litre of Liquid Weather treats up to 8 square metres of wall, roof or paving keeping the costs down.

Health and Safety

Liquid Weather is safe to use. However, contact with the skin will cause temporary staining, so suitable gloves (eg. rubber) should be worn. Eye protection (eg. goggles) is also advisable during application, especially in case of spray application.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention if irritation persists. Wash hands with soap and water after use.

Children and animals should be kept away until the product is completely dry.


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