About Us

You’ll have heard of Liquid Products: manufacturers of the World’s Best products that improve, protect and repair the exterior of buildings.


Specialists in products that offer real added value and unique benefits to both commercial and private properties of all sizes. It’s our aim to improve the appearance of the built environment.

Personal Touch Our team is large enough to provide an efficient and effective service, whilst small enough to care about every individual customer, whether a home owner or merchant.

World Class We have exclusive research, development and sales relationships in the UK, USA and Europe and have wide global ambitions.

Customer Led Unlike many competitors Liquid Products is unencumbered with redundant infrastructure, expensive overheads and outmoded manufacturing plants. At Liquid Products the customer is King!

Careful & Caring Liquid Products is based in Stamford, an ancient stone town of special beauty and is mindful of our crowded planet, its threatened environment and those in need.

Our Ultimate Aim is to capture and keep a leading share in all markets and sectors in which we compete.

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